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Editor's Choice #1
Emma Mattress Topper
  • 2-in-1 (soft or firm) Mattress Topper - Simply flip to adjust comfortability
  • HRX Foam which supports the body and evenly distributes pressure - Perfect for those with back pain
  • Removable, breathable, machine-washable cover - For cool sleep & convenient cleaning
  • Reduces pressure on your joints
  • Fast & free delivery, 10-year warranty
Peacelily Latex Mattress Topper
  • 2 versions: Luxury Plush and Firm
  • Foam Material: 100% natural Dunlop latex rubber foam
  • GOTS Certified 100% Organic cotton cover
  • Free delivery, 10 year warranty, 100-night trial
Ecosa Mattress Topper
  • Soft layer
  • Foam Material: G-7 Gel memory foam for cool nights
  • Removable, ultra-breathable, and easily washable OEKO-TEX® certified cover made from Tencel. Comes with elastic straps
  • Free delivery, 10 year warranty
Napp Gel Topper
  • Soft layer
  • Foam Material: High density gel-infused memory foam
  • Gel Infused, removable, and breathable stretch knit cover
Bambou Memory Foam Mattress Topper
  • Soft layer
  • Foam Material:100gsm Memory foam
  • Machine-washable 100% bamboo viscose upper cover
  • Free standard delivery on orders over $200
Editor's Premium Pick
Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress
  • Patented Diamond Degree® technology for superior deep sleep
  • High density foam infused with graphite dust for cooler nights
  • Hybrid high-quality pocket spring & adaptive comfort foam mattress
  • 7-zone dynamic support to relieve back pain
  • Free delivery + 120-night trial & 10-year warranty
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What is a mattress topper and what is it good for?

A mattress topper is a thick, added layer that is placed on top of your mattress (hence the name “topper”), providing extra cushioning as well as support. Mattress toppers are usually there to enhance the comfort of your mattress and lengthen the lifespan of a mattress that has started sagging. Adding a topper is also a good way to remedy a mattress that is too firm for your liking.

Additionally, you can also use a mattress topper as a portable mattress. In case you want to lie down in the middle of your living room or have a guest over with no extra bed to have them sleep on, you can simply plop down your topper and use it as a makeshift mattress.

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When do I need a mattress topper? 

There are a number of situations that call for a mattress topper. Here are some instances wherein a topper would solve your issue.

  • Your mattress is starting to sag – If you notice some uneven spots on your mattress and want to balance it out without purchasing a brand new one, a firm topper will help make it feel stable again. But remember: a mattress topper is not the answer to a very old, worn-out mattress. Only purchase a mattress topper if you think your actual mattress still has a few years left in its lifespan.
  • You find your mattress too hot – A breathable, cool mattress topper will let you have a more comfortable, refreshing sleep that won’t have you sweating on your bed.
  • You bought a new mattress and want to protect it – Got a new mattress? Congratulations! If you’re looking to keep this mattress for a longer time, a topper can let it last for a few more years to come.
  • You find your mattress too soft – Some people want their mattress firmer for better support. You get to save a lot of money by just adding a firm topper to your soft mattress. Problem solved.


How long do mattress toppers last?

 Mattress toppers with best quality can last for around 3-5 years. Of course, this would depend on numerous circumstances, including the environment around it, how extensively you use it, and how durable its materials are.

For example, mattress toppers used every day will be worn out easier compared to mattress toppers only used occasionally. Mattress toppers used by multiple people or heavy adults will also not last as long as those used by a single person or small children.


What are the different types of mattress toppers?

Like mattresses themselves, there are also various kinds of mattress toppers that you can choose from based on your preferences or needs. Here are a few common types you may want to look at the next time you’re shopping.


  • Memory foam – Memory foam toppers give balance to those who need it, blending both support and comfort. Made with viscoelastic polyurethane foam, high-quality toppers allow breathability and coolness to those in search of a breezy sleep.
  • Polyester fibre – Toppers made from polyester fibre or microfibre are best for those looking for affordability and softness. Polyester fibre toppers are also hypoallergenic, great for people with allergies. This is the topper for you should you want more plushness in your mattress.


Editor’s Choice: Emma Mattress Topper

The Emma mattress topper is perfect for anyone on the lookout for a topper that is supportive, breathable, and versatile. Its two main materials include Airgocell foam and HRX foam, packing a punch in its 5cm thickness. This topper provides balance to the sleeper searching for choices, as the Airgocell foam gives comfort and softness while the firmer HRX foam provides body support and evenly distributes pressure, perfect especially for those with back pain. Here’s what makes the Emma mattress topper so special:

  • It’s breathable – While the thermo-regulating foam already allows breathability, the Emma mattress topper’s removable cover is also light and airy. It’s easily removable and washable, best for Kiwis with allergies.
  • It’s adaptable – Every Kiwi has their own preference, so Emma Sleep made a reversible mattress that you can turn over based on your mood or liking. Want a soft, cozy sleep? Use the Airgocell foam up top. Need better support or have back pain? Flip it over to the HRX foam.
  • It’s high quality – Emma Sleep made sure to test hundreds of mattress toppers to create the ideal and most inclusive one for all Kiwis. Its combination of two types of foam is unique and provides the best of both worlds.

Apart from the mattress topper, Emma Sleep offers other products like mattresses, bed ensembles, pillows, and protectors. Don’t miss out and find out which products are on sale here!

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