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Editor's Pick #1
Emma Signature Bed
  • Timeless Design: Clean lines, padded edges, and premium fabrics
  • Includes an upholstered finish padded headboard
  • Extra-strong & ultra-robust bed frame with FlexiSlats technology
  • 30-minute easy assembly
  • Free delivery, 120-night trial, & 5-year warranty
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Ecosa Rise Bed Frame
  • Natural wood grain design
  • Includes a storage shelf
  • Made from American ash timber
  • Very fast assembly
  • Free delivery, 100 night trial, & 5-year warranty
Napp Refresh Adjustable Bed
  • Remote-controlled adjustable bed
  • Includes mattress but no headboard included
  • NZ owned
  • Free delivery & 10 year warranty
SpaceBase by Sleepyhead
  • Includes 3 60L storage bins
  • Magnetic locking system to hold panels in place
  • Headboard not included
Riversdale Solid Slat Bed Frame
  • Made to order & made in New Zealand
  • Created with Rimu and MDF materials
  • Solid materials & 5-year warranty

Best Bed Frames in New Zealand 2024

Is It Safe to Buy a Bed Online? 

A bed is not just a product but a sacred place where a lot of special moments happen. That’s why when purchasing one, it takes a lot of time and consideration since you’ll need to be looking at 3 main things: Design, Durability, and Price. And although it might seem cumbersome buying a bed online, it’s actually much more convenient, efficient, and easy. How come?

Well, most beds sold online offer free delivery & returns. This means that instead of imagining what a bed would look like in your bedroom, you can actually see it for yourself. Plus, most beds sold online also offer a trial period so you can test out if the bed is your perfect match through a few nights. And what’s also good about beds sold online is that they still offer a good warranty period which helps ensure that if something does happen to your bed, you can get it fixed right away.

And if you’re not sure about which bed is right for you, don’t worry! We’ve got you. Right below, we go more in-depth as to the different top beds in New Zealand to help differentiate one after the other so you can be sure that you get the perfect bed that matches your style.

How long should a bed last? When should I replace my bed? Do I need a new one?Beds are usually good for 5-10 years which is why most brands have this as their warranty period. And because beds are a huge investment, it’s no surprise that it should last you a couple of years before you eventually need to replace it. However, if you’re looking to prolong the lifespan of your bed beyond this period, you can do so with proper handling & care. This means that you should clean your bed at least once a month to preserve its pristine quality and avoid jumping frequently on the bed so that its slats remain strong. On the other hand, if your current bed frequently creaks when you lay on it and has deep cracks & scratches on the frame, then it’s probably time for you to go find yourself a new bed.


Best Overall Bed Frame New Zealand 2024: Emma Signature Bed

The Emma Signature Bed balances a premium & sleek design with a strong & easy-to-assemble structure. Its overall dark-grey timeless design, crafted with premium fabrics also makes it a perfect centerpiece for any bedroom. It’s no denying that the Emma Signature Bed follows in the steps of its predecessors in being a great product at a good price.




A Closer Look at the Emma Signature Bed:


The Emma Signature Bed’s padded headboard comes with an upholstered finish where its key design points are its clean lines and rounded & padded edges. A good detail to note is that the padding on the headboard is medium-firm yet the headboard frame is sturdy & strong which means you’ll feel comfortable leaning on it even for a long time and shouldn’t experience any problems doing so. We’ve filmed a video below to show how firm the headboard padding is. The headboard is also covered in premium fabrics to complete a timeless aesthetic, and its dark grey color makes it a perfect centerpiece for any type of bedroom.



Bed Base:

The Emma Signature Bed’s Base is highly durable & sturdy due to its ultra-robust metal construction and wood base & legs. It’s also made with Emma’s FlexiSlats technology which helps to achieve the ultimate pressure-relief and airflow for maximum breathability. This means that the base evenly distributes pressure and provides support for the best sleep possible. It’s also covered with the same premium fabrics as the headboard to create a simple yet premium design.


Other things that make the Emma Signature Bed great:

  • 30-Minute Easy Assembly
  • 120-Night Trial
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Size Range: Single, Double, King Single, Queen, King, Super King
  • Delivery Lead Time: 1-7 Working Days


Other Recommended Beds – New Zealand 

Easiest Bed Assembly: Ecosa Rise Bed Frame

  • Natural wood grain design.
  • Includes a storage shelf.
  • Made from American ash timber.
  • Very fast assembly.
  • Free delivery, 100-night trial, & 5-year warranty

Ecosa’s Rise Bed Frame is a good choice for those seeking a wooden bed frame. Made with American ash timber, this sturdy bed frame has a natural wood grain design and comes in two shades of brown. It also has a hidden storage shelf behind the headboard. Although, what sets the Rise bed frame apart is its very quick and easy assembly that can be finished in 5 minutes.

Ecosa also offers a 5-year limited warranty and free delivery on their bed frames.

Best Adjustable Bed: Napp Refresh Adjustable Bed 

  • Remote-controlled adjustable bed
  • Includes mattress but no headboard included
  • NZ owned
  • Free delivery & 10 year warranty

If you feel like sleeping from different angles, Napp’s Refresh electric bed frame might just be the one for you.

This high-tech remote-controlled bed base is one of the most popular ones of its kind in the New Zealand market. It is loaded with unique features such as height adjustability, under-bed LED lighting, and soothing rolling-wave massage. While Napp does not guarantee a full refund for your adjustable bed should you be unsatisfied, it does provide free delivery and a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on them. It’s also good to note that Napp’s adjustable beds already come with their signature Napp mattress/es.

Best Bed for Storage: SpaceBase by Sleepyhead

  • Includes 3 60L storage bins
  • Magnetic locking system to hold panels in place
  • Headboard not included

The SpaceBase by Sleepyhead comes with 3 large 60L storage bins that lets you maximise the space under your bed base. Not only that, the queen size can accommodate up to 6 storage bins giving you another extra 180L  of storage to use. However, you will need to purchase additional storage bins separately.

The SpaceBase also features a magnetic locking system that provides easy access by lifting the side panel on either side of the base.

All in all, with a 10 year warranty and a total of 360L storage capacity, the SpaceBase by Sleepyhead becomes an easy choice for anyone looking for the best storage bed in NZ.

Best Craftsmanship: Riversdale Solid Slate Frame

  • Made to order & made in New Zealand
  • Created with Rimu and MDF materials
  • Solid materials & 5-year warranty

The Riversdale solid bed frame features beautiful craftsmanship that combines traditional styling with a touch of elegance for your bedroom.

Each bed frame is designed and manufactured in New Zealand, and is specially handcrafted for each customer. Although the delivery times can take up to 6 weeks, the bed is definitely worth the wait.

Made with solid and high quality materials, the Riversdale solid bed frame is the perfect choice for those looking to support locally NZ made products while getting a beautiful crafted bed frame.

Conclusion: Best Bed Frame in New Zealand 2024

People looking to buy beds should definitely consider purchasing online given its convenience, efficiency, and easy-to-do process. And with the numerous options we’ve outlined above such as Emma, Ecosa, Napp, Riversdale, and Sleepyhead, you’ll surely find the perfect bed in New Zealand that matches your style.

But overall, we rank the Emma Signature Bed as our #1 choice for beds in New Zealand because of its timeless premium design that’s perfect for any bedroom environment, very durable structure that’ll last you years, and overall great service that’ll ensure your bed is delivered to you fast and free-of-charge. Definitely, a great product at a good price!


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