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Find out who came out on top in our side-by-side mattress comparison of the premium Emma Diamond Hybrid mattress and the Winkl Lux mattress.

Emma Diamond Hybrid vs. Winkl Lux

Mattress Criteria
Queen Price
Queen Price
55% Off
25% Off
Discounted Price
Discounted Price
Why it's Great
Deep & cool sleep is achieved through Emma's Diamond Degree® technology since your body's temperature is regulated and maintained at the ideal sleeping temperature.
Why it's Great
Sleep cool with Winkl's charcoal infused memory foam that gently contours to your body. The activated charcoal absorbs your body heat to minimise odour & improve antimicrobial performance.
Best For
People looking to achieve deep sleep and relief from aches & pains, while sleeping cool & dry all throughout the night.
Best For
People looking for superior comfort and support, advanced cooling and spinal support zones.
Construction & Materials
5 Layers: Diamond Degree® Graphite Foam, Adaptive Comfort Foam, Over 300 Pocket Springs, Durable HRX Foam, Climate-Regulating and Elastic Cover with Handles
Construction & Materials
5 Layers: Machine Washable Outer Cover, Winkl-Flex Comfort Foam, Charcoal Infused Memory Foam, Spinal Support Zones, Supportive Base Foam
Oeko Tex Standard 100 Certified, Good Design Winner 2022
CertiPUR-US Certified, Oeko Tex Standard 100 Certified

*Based on a comparison between the Emma Diamond Hybrid mattress and the Winkl Lux mattress last 9/20/2022. Sources: and



Diamond Hybrid Mattress

Best Premium Mattress in a Box 2022




Emma Diamond Mattress

  • Exclusive Diamond Degree® technology for Cooler & dry nights
  • Exceptional 7-Zone Support System
  • Ergonomic Design & Construction

With multiple international awards from independent testing agencies combined with its relatively lower prices, the Emma mattress has become synonymous with value for money around the world. But how does it compare with its New Zealand counterparts?

Emma Comfort Mattress Review



Lux Mattress

Good Value Memory Foam



Winkl Lux Mattress

  • Winkl-flex comfort foam
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Anti-Dust Mite and Anti-Bacterial Cover

The China-manufactured mattress in a box brand with its 10 year warranty provides a good-value premium memory foam mattress option in the New Zealand market. But how does the Winkl mattress actually stack up against the competition?

Winkl Mattress Review


The Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress and the Winkl Lux are both similar in terms of construction, materials, and comfort where both mattresses contain 5 layers. In terms of unique features, although the all-foam Winkl lux charcoal infused memory foam boasts its activated charcoal which absorbs body heat to minimise odour and improve antimicrobial performance, the hybrid foam & spring Emma Diamond Hybrid contains a Diamond Degree® Graphite Foam that regulates & maintains the ideal body temperature. This means that both these mattresses should provide a cool & dry environment that’ll enable you to sleep better & deeper. Both mattresses also contain a supportive & durable layer that should help with spinal support and ensure proper hip & shoulder alignment. 

As for service, the Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress has a delivery lead time of 1-7 business days & a rating of 4.3 on TrustPilot, while the Winkl Lux also stated a similar lead time with a 4.75 rating on their own website. 

With these in mind, it can be said that the only thing that really sets these two mattresses apart is the price point. Although the Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress is originally priced  at $3200, its 55% off discount places it at $1439. While the Winkl Lux, having been originally priced at $2050, only comes with a 25% off discount, placing it at $1530.

Overall, we would recommend pivoting towards purchasing the Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress instead given that the features are similar, if not the same to the Winkl Lux, and it is $91 less compared to the aforementioned. Definitely one of the best mattress options in NZ to date!

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