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Find out who came out on top in our side-by-side mattress comparison of the internationally-awarded Emma Original mattress and the Winkl mattress.

Emma Original vs Winkl

Mattress Criteria
Queen Price
Country of Manufacture
Number of Layers
3 foam layers
3 foam layers
Mattress Depth
25 cm
25 cm
Multi-zone Support
Motion Isolation (Zero Partner Disturbance)
Contains Eco-friendly Foam
Ergonomic Handles
Machine-washable Mattress Cover
100 Night Trial
120 Night Trial
Warranty Length
10 years
10 years
Free Delivery & Returns
Allowed Number of Returns per Household Under Trial Period

Emma Original vs Winkl



Original Mattress

Best Overall Mattress in a Box 2021




Emma Original Mattress

  • Exceptional 7 Zone Support System
  • Ergonomic Design & Construction
  • Eco-friendly Foam

With multiple international awards from independent testing agencies combined with its relatively lower prices, the Emma mattress has become synonymous with value for money the world over. But how does it compare with its New Zealand counterparts?

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Good Value Memory Foam



Winkl Mattress

  • Winkl-flex comfort foam
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Anti-Dust Mite and Anti-Bacterial Cover

The China-manufactured mattress in a box brand with its 10 year warranty provides an affordable memory foam mattress option in the New Zealand market. But how does the Winkl mattress actually stack up against the competition?

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The German-manufactured Emma and China-manufactured Winkl mattress both provide a good degree of comfortsupport and breathability at a reasonable price. However the support system employed by the Emma mattress with its 7 zoned scheme provides a more tailored approach to addressing the different needs of different pressure zones.

The China-manufactured Winkl mattress does however have the upper hand when it comes to fast delivery times and has a trial period with 20 more days than the usual. Definitely a consideration when you are in need of a new mattress ASAP! While the extra trial time does make a bit of difference, it’s not a game changer. As you’ll find that 100 days is enough time to get your body used to a new mattress (recommended 21-28 days).

Overall, the Emma mattress offers great quality at an unbeatable price and is well deserving of its top spot. While its still got some room to grow in terms of service, there’s no doubt it’s one of the best mattresses in a box out there!

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